Virtual Real Estate

A new facet in Home buying and selling: Virtual Real Estate


Virtual reality having created its success trail in gaming and entertainment industry is now headed towards reshaping the structure of Real Estate industry.

The extent to which it has penetrated in the real estate sector is well evidenced by the number of real estate giant’s turning their head towards inducing Virtual real estate tour in their normal course of action. From online advertising to property virtual tour, all the technological advances have made the property selling a plain sailing saga.

The momentum with which this nascent technology is going viral, the researchers have suggested the VR will be an $80 million industry by 2025.

Virtual Real Estate tour has been in trend and with the amplified support of technological offerings from mammoth like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Samsung, VR tours in real estate sector is reaching skyrocket escalation. With the advent of head-mounted devices and leading-edge technologies, the retailers are in position to offer a 360-degree panoramic photography or a virtual walk to their potential clients giving them a better experience in supporting their buying decision.  Besides having a great visualization benefits, it lets the buyers have an experience of the property at any time and at any place.

A recent statistics on VR has revealed that, Virtual tour is been viewed 40% more than traditional photographs, additionally, 75% of the potential real estate buyers showed great interest  towards having an interactive Virtual Real estate tour and overall, the retailers offering Virtual Estate Tour are in better position to hold the attention of the buyers for long.

Having spotted the inescapable potential of Virtual Real Estate Tour, the retailers in Jaipur, India are not left behind in embracing this vibrant technology. With companies like Adyep, in place, creating a 3D Virtual Reality Property tours is a fair to middling.

With a seemingly noticeable win-win situation for buyers and seller in Real Estate sector, it’s time to see how far this pristine way of showing and selling real estate property makes a fortune.


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