What’s a big-league about 15th August for Jaipurites, this year?


logo (1)15th August, Happy Independence day. The age old saga we have known past 70 years. So what’s more on this day, which keep the Jaipurites on their toes early morning?

Is it a flat 90% sale Or a Celebrity walk-in at some store?

The answer is Big ‘NO’.

It something much bigger and better this time!

Yes, for the first time in the history of Indian newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar in association with Rams creative technologies would bring forth an unimaginative newspaper, entwined with augmented reality.

i175^cimgpsh_origThe 15th august newspaper edition published in Jaipur, would bring life to print media by dint of YeppAR app. YeppAR is an ultramodern app that scans images and brings them live along with inducing additional quirks like video, 3D view, website button, contact information etc.

Steamed up, Thrilled, Hysterical, Enthusiastic, and Fervent are just few words to describe the zealous wait of 15th August newspaper this year in pink city. This move would be a step ahead in redefining the freedom of press and freedom of being imaginative and informative  context of media.

The augmented reality-based newspaper is designed for offering an active and like-like experience to one of our daily routine activities. With AR in place, the images speak more and proffer a stupendous amount of information via interactive stories. Text-t-speech, a yet another feature of AR would sweep the readers from reading the news rather they can hear it via their handheld device. Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience?

Hold on your breath. Get set for a ravishing and completely new experience of reading an AR-based newspaper on 15th august 2016.

Don’t miss the chance, the world is becoming digitized, join and become a digital native now.

Download you YeppAr appStay tuned for more updates!!


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