augmented reality

Yeppar instituting the wave of AR-technology at the Web Submit Lisbon

Amidst the picturesque landscape of Lisbon city, the web summit held on 6-9 November, 2017 witnessed an amazing pageant of AR-based app, Yeppar. Dropping a bombshell at the summit, Yeppar amazed the attendees with the unique and massive applications augmented in less than no time.

Lisbon city a land with contrasting landscapes, where every edifice articulate a mythology and every corner reflects a touch of digitization, seems a perfect place to host the Europe’s largest Technology marketplace. With more than 53,056 tech CEOs, founders, startups, investors, cultural icons and influencers, and key global leaders and media persons attending the summit, the answer to some of the most pressing issues in current technological revolution, in its most righteous sense lies no far.


Yeppar being led by one of its quick-witted representative, Mr. Deepak Sharma, created a momentum around the Yeppar, by showcasing some of the groundbreaking applications of Yeppar app that went nonpareil both in terms of scale and technology.” The invitees were spellbound to witness the massive application of 3D concept in day today activities”, said by Mr. Ankush Sharma, the CEO of Yeppar. He further added,” What astonished the most was the simplicity and freewheeling attribute of Yeppar that allows almost anybody and everybody to gain its multifold benefits at the power of their mobile Phones.”

The host country having wined and dined every attendee with utmost care and efforts left a positive image in the minds of all. The successful framework of the entire summit added to the much-gained success and fame to the event. The edifying and inspiring speeches commenced from the podium by some of the most influential speakers have opened new avenues for research and learning. Businesses from every field and sphere, for the first time in the history have connected in a space marked by digitization and modernization.


“The summit was a win-win event for us.” said by Mr. Salik Khan, the digital marketing analyst, Yeppar. On one side, Yeppar has gained a voluminous platform to brandish its ultramodern utilities and on flip side, the alliances formed and learning gained, by being a part of the summit has unleashed new opportunities to amplify and maturate in future”. The applicability of Yeppar exhibited during the summit was dubbed as a Magic by many. Every exposition of technology achievement be it, AR for brands, augmented reality in print media, Restaurants, Real estate, Healthcare, Education, Jewelry and FMCG products and many more to name, the audience response evidenced the likeability and usability of all.

All in all, the Lisbon web summit in its first year has voiced what potential such event holds in revamping the manner in which, the technology impacts our life and industries. Yeppar proudly announce its participation in an event wherein the learning and manifestation of technology goes beyond the realms of possibility.

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