augmented reality

Augmented reality: A better buyer experience

The augmented reality the best -in -breed technology offers multiple opportunities to the organizations, to bond with the customers in the most elite manner, giving high ROI. Augmented reality brochures are one such kind of permutation letting the organizations offer unrivaled and immersive experience to their customers.

By the virtue of visual recognition technology, augmented-enabled brochure proffer plentiful information in the form of texts, videos, 3D images, graphics etc. A mere trigger or a scan via Smart phone devices allows the customers to have deep insight knowledge about any entity. In true sense, augmented reality brochure tie-up with the print adverts and other means of marketing by means of Smart devices.

Looking for the massive acceptance and usability of this nascent technology, linking it within the marketing campaigns in the form of AR-enabled brochure, enables the firms to reach the target audiences with less time and efforts. It lets the business owners showcase their products and services in a more influential manner. The business firms are positioned better to demonstrate the panoramic view of the products, services and operations to their customers anytime anywhere. The essence of mobility and wisdom is what truly defines the augmented reality brochure in the right sense.

According to the recent AR forecast, the acceptance spectrum of this technology is broadening at a fast pace, creating the necessity for the businesses around the world to imbibe it in all spheres for attaining a competitive edge.

Yeppar is an augmented reality startup in India delivering augmented reality brochures and booklets for the first time.

It’s rightly said, Change is inevitable, Change before the Change changes you!!


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