augmented reality

Engage your users with augmented reality magazines

A much- talked technology in town that has caused masses to get on their feet’s and in the quest for Pokémon GO’ is sailing towards yet another venture that’s’ Augmented reality magazines.

Augmented reality technology and print media have had a deep kinship ever since the first AR-enabled print adverts and newspapers came into existence. The masterminds behind this nascent technology revamped almost everything from print ads to business catalogs; business cards giving a digital touch to each. With the same ecstasy is the origin of augmented reality magazines having an upper-hand in offering more interactive and engaging experience to the readers.

We enlist some unparallel advantages of AR-enabled magazines, which no other technology can deliver:

  • eye-catching demonstration that grabs the attention of the reader for a long time
  • interactive platform, where the readers get privileged to know more and understand more and get retained for long
  • highly portable and economical means of edifying masses about anything anywhere anytime
  • Assures more universality with an opportunity for customization

With some unexceptional features pondered by augmented reality magazines, many giants have begun their work on this innovative idea for capturing large market share. In the current era of information, a business that assures top-notch transparency and accessibility is making its way of being a forerunner.

The success saga of ‘The New York’ magazine under its jab, Cover Story: Christoph Niemann’s “On the Go”, clearly evidences the massive acceptance of this AR-enabled magazine among the folks. Having an undeniable power on the cost of smart devices is what makes this technology remodel every sector of human life.

It’s rightly said’ the action is in the interaction’. With augmented reality magazines, the level of interaction knows no limits. Interact with your readers in a way to upsurge a new opportunity for learning and branding.

Yeppar India’s first general purpose augmented reality startup. Augmenting your imaginations with realities. The future is here!


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