augmented reality

Augmented Reality Book: Explore a New way of learning

With every technology, there comes a limitless pool of opportunities and challenges and the same applies to AR technology as well. Being in the middle of town past a century, this technology doesn’t seem to get obsolete, but, with development in its application and supporting hardware, the technology seems to swipe in and out through our daily life from education to entertainment and businesses.


Augmented reality, when applied to the education sector, offers plentiful of learning opportunities by fabricating an interactive and constructivist learning environment. The dwindling number of readership especially among the younger generation seems to get resolved with the introduction of AR books. The fact that e-books claimed the same once, when they were introduced but failed to make much difference needs a mentioning here, to rationalize how Augmented reality books can work wonders in delivering an innovative way of learning. The awkwardness of making a selection between the digital and analog books gets eliminated with the concept of AR books which combines the elements of a physical and digital book. By the virtue of handheld or smart devices like PC’s, gaming console or Tablets, the AR books add innovative elements like playing videos, showcasing 3D models, converting text into images and creation of an interactive platform. Thus, the charm of paper-printed books gets escalated with the introduction of AR technology giving an altogether new experience to the readers.

How do AR books work?

There are no mystical tricks and tactics engaged, when we talk about AR book creating a spell-binding experience for the readers. But the fact, people tends to retain more what they visualize rather what they just hear or see is what works behind this concept. In today’s ultra-jet era, where gadgets and resultant electromagnetic wave forming an additional layer in the atmosphere, having a quiet space for oneself or in other sense, retaining the attention of readers seems quite a difficult task with a wide genre of disturbances circling us. There is where, AR books exert positive effects both in the cognitive and affective domains, resulting in the creation of a learning environment, where people gets entrenched to know more.


What’s noteworthy is the ease with which it works. With the use of additional technologies like(Smartphone, tablets, Pc’s) when pointed on a traditional paper-printed book loaded with digital content, an additional layer of information gets illuminated which may either be in a form of simple images, graphics, videos or additional texts or even a digital portray of the entire text.

How can Yeppar help?

With a simple mechanism working behind the AR books, anyone wishing to add visual effects to their books can take the rescue of AR apps like Yeppar augmented reality startups India that is known to add life-like effects to print media. The Yeppar team of developers, designers, technicians and experts’ works in unison with the publisher and authors to remodel their traditional books creating a new space for learning.

The famous phrase by Walt Disney” if you can dream it, you can do it” goes well when talked about the team up between the AR technology and publishing fraternity.


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