augmented reality

Let your love be expressed digitally with Augmented Reality Valentine Gifts

‘Love is in the air’, everyone must have heard it innumerable times, but haven’t found a moment yet where one can see roses and hearts flying in the air, invisible musicians playing the violin in the background, I guess much of it is limited to ‘reel’ life only. But the twist is, with augmented reality valentine cards much can happen in the real life too.

Valentine Day, the most awaited day by those in love have a double treat this time with the addition of augmented reality valentine cards. With the addition of digital content over an already glamorous valentine cards is much a boon for today’s techno-savvy folks. From personal videos to sentimental audios, messages and 3D effects, these cards give immense power to exhibit one’s emotions in the most right sense.

Augmented reality technology is known for layering additional content like graphics, videos, texts, images over the real world. It’s an amalgamation of digital elements into the real world environment for creating the most engaging and enticing experience.

The give and take of cards, roses, hearts, and cupids are what marked the gesture of love on Valentine’s Day. However, with the dawn of the digital era, much is happening over the Internet these days may it be socializing, shopping, surfing. The concept of E-greeting having already marked its fame among masses and has paved the way for digitization of the cards. Augmented reality cards are a way ahead of this, with the proposition of 3D video analysis, image recognition, and smart software.

Augmented Reality Valentine cards offer some key attributes that make it more popular among the masses. They are:

  • you can add personalized videos, texts, audios over the simple printed cards
  • you can insert animations and sounds to induce life-like effects to your simple card
  • you have the power to create an interactive platform to strengthen your bonds
  • you can share and upload your augmented reality valentine card on social networking sites. Of course, one of the most practiced activity currently

And, what drives attention is, viewing augmented reality valentine cards isn’t a game of genius. What all is needed a first-rate augmented reality app like Yeppar, that works with best of techniques and technology for visualizing the digital elements on your smart devices.

When the world is hailing towards digitization, why not express your love digitally. Let not your feelings be restricted by the matter printed on your card, let the words be yours and feelings be yours.


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